Promise & Pledge

A Promise to Our Partners

With the belief that “Partner success is our success,” we aim to become your most trusted supply chain partner. Our ability to satisfy this mission is rooted in deeply held traditions and robust business development practices.

Our teams couple independent analysis of market trends and close collaboration with our partners to drive new value discovery and market creation.

We hold ourselves responsible for maintaining high operating standards to ensure quality, stability and efficiency. This provides a base of confidence for the growth of each commercial relationship.

Our Pledge as Global Corporate Citizens

We are proud to be a company with global views and values. Our commitment to positively impact our business partners and employees, community and the environment continue to be at the foundation of who we are as an organization.

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    We are conscious of our impact on our community and globe. We care deeply about how our business practices and charitable activities affect the greater good within and around our company.

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    We strive to achieve a higher standard than regulations require. While following necessary health, safety, handling and disposal regulations, we evolve with global standards to guide ourselves and partners away from various materials of concern and toward sustainable, conflict-free materials. We expect and assist our customers to share the same values.

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    We are a diverse group of individuals from varying regions and cultures. Our shared commitment to professionalism and human dignity unites us and guides us to bring about a brighter future.

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    We exist for the benefit of the people in and around our company. Together we strive to nurture the trust essential for a balanced, fulfilling and lasting relationship. This shared trust is our most valuable resource. It enables us to bring stakeholders together to find solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

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    Global Vision

    As a regional family company with worldwide ties, we strive to have a positive impact on local and global challenges regarding the environment, health and education. We believe each small act adds up to a world we can proudly pass on to future generations.